How to Order

Just over a year ago, I created a regular website, and I had "experts" telling me to make it an ecommerce site. So I did. It took me forever to plug in products and prices and stock levels, and in the end it wasn't a "Jack's Toy Company" website it was a mix and match site, like anyone can have. But more importantly, what did all our loyal customers do, they rang us up and ordered from us like they always have. So here we are again, and I have created a new non ecommerce site.

So if you would like to order from us, ask us about products displayed on this site, or even you want something you know no one else will have but Jacks Toy Company (even if it's not on the website, because not everything is), please just call us, because like you, we prefer the personal touch too.


Contact: Ruth or Christian

Phone: 09 402 7066




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